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Toxic Horses

Around 2005 I was very sick. My whole family was sick. Neither we nor our doctors knew what was wrong with us. Then I read a blog of a lady who had the same symptoms as I. She made a stew for her and her husband and gave the excess to her dog. Her dog almost died. She investigated everything she put in that stew and found out that the corn was toxic. It had been genetically modified to contain the gene from Bacillmus Thuringiensis that makes the Bt-toxin. And it had also been genetically modified to be able to grow with glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp. By avoiding foods that have been genetically modified, she recovered from her illness. By avoiding GM foods I recovered. I told my dad and by avoiding GM foods he recovered. But it was too late to save my son who died from cancer. Yes GM foods do cause cancer and many other diseases both in animals and in us. It seems that animals are more sensitive to these toxins then we are. Yes these toxins are deadly to insects, and can make birds and mamals very, very sick. By mammals I mean everything from mice, to dogs, to elephants, to whales, and yes, even horses.

Glyphosate, chelates all metal nutrients. i.e. it locks up chromium that is needed to activate insulin, it locks up cobalt that is the center of vitamin B-12, it locks up magnesium, zinc and other essential nutrients needed for a healthy immune system, and of course lack magnesium and calcium interferes with bone structure. But do not dismiss all the other toxins in our air, water, food and medications. Fluorine in the water makes bones brittle and easy to break. It also lowers IQ. Most countries do not allow fluorine to be added to their water. Healthy farm animals do not drink fluoridated water. Some farmers have been using neocons and even 2,4-D on crops. [2,4-D is a major ingredient in Agent Orange and the FDA is now considering allowing it to be on human food crops.]

The Bt-toxin [from Bacillus Thuringiensis] can put holes in the stomach and gut. This damage is similar to that caused by Celiac disease. It damages red blood cells and reduces the blood's ability to cary oxygen. Most genetically modified corn, soy, alfalfa, etc. have the Bt-gene and are RoundUp Ready [glyphosate tolerant]. Note that there are more then a dozen other foods like lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, etc. that have been genetically modified, but the list has not been made public.

Watch out for supplements using rice, even organic rice. Almost 20% of the rice farms in China are contaminated with heavy metals. The Chinese do not want this toxic rice so they ship it the United States. Very high levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium, etc. have been found in products in the United States using this toxic rice as a filler. California rice is not contaminated with these toxic metals. There is no requirement that food or supplements based on this toxic rice be labeled. Buyer beware.

Standing in front of my house I occasionally see chemtrails. Usually these are made up of aluminum and barium which will fall to Earth and contaminate ground and open water. Aluminum and barium are toxic to non-GMO plants and to animals. There is a rumor that some chemtrails contains aluminum, barium and lithium compounds.

The reason for the release of all these poisons is highly political. Our President pushes GMOs but the White House only serves organic food. Most of Congress pushes GMOs but the congressional cafeteria only serves organic food. The food in the Monsanto cafeteria is non-GMO because the genetic engineers that design GMOs do not want to poison themselves. Mitt Romney pushes GMOs because of the stock he got from turning Monsanto around, but his family had to go organic because of his wife's reaction to GMOs. I believe no chem-trails are allowed for three days before a presidential visit. i.e. they know these things are toxic but are demanded by United Nations Agenda 21 which they follow. [very highly political discussion for another time]

It seems that animals are more sensitive to GMOs and other toxins then we are. Something like the canary in a coal mine. I did not know GMOs even existed until I and my family were very sick. Then I read a blog of a lady who had the same symptoms as I, who made a stew for her and her husband, and fed her dog the rest. The dog almost died. She found out it was the corn that was toxic. It had been genetically modified. From that information I stopped eating GMOs and recovered. I told my dad and he recovered. But it was too late to save my oldest son. My wife says I am obsessed about avoiding GMOs. Perhaps. Do read the letter from Judy Hoy.

Judy Hoy Letter

Note that so far I know of four genetic modifications of foods and trees. They are the addition of the Bt-gene, addition of the Epicyte gene, RoundUp Ready, and 2,4-D ready. Often a GM food will have more then one genetic modification. All of these are toxic. I admit it is possible to have a non-toxic genetic modification, but so far I have not seen one in food crops.

I am not a medical doctor nor a vetenarian. I can only give you my opinion. Your best defense is to be healthy. Note that all links are temporary and may be removed at any time.


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